College Girl Phone Sex Voyeur Fantasy

Not sure if this is just something that I end up doing cause of the time I spend going college girl phone sex fantasies. OR cause deep down I am a pervert!

college girl phone sex
Dont look at me like that I admit that I adore sex and well have a few kinks of my own. Anyways back to the story. Was out hanging out with some friends who were camping and we were walking along the campsite when we came to the park. Part of me was like oooo monkey bars lets play! Course They are not meant for someone 5’5feet tall. But I was thinking damn wouldnt it be hot to hang from the bars and engage in some sweet 69? Yes Like I said its sick and perverted on some level and then on another level your like hey Rachelle thats pretty sweet!
Just think how easy it would be to bury your face between my legs while I hang upside down. You can even rock me some and well fuck the head rush from both would probably send me into outer space.
Damn! If only I had someone daring enough to dive into an outdoor sexual role play with me. Any guy that was fuckable isnt much of a voyeur. Weird thought more guys would be willing to dive into some outdoor sex.
Course this college girls phone sex fantasy went into sucking some dick upside down. Like just think of the insanity that would do to a guy. Me rocking back and forth on those bars and bouncing my lips on his dick. See I think there is something there for sure.
Course in true perverted style our walk had me thinking there were some great spaces to fuck all the way along not just at a park. Bent over tree. Side of the river. In the river, no wait that would be too cold. Shrinkage eeek!
Anyways you see where I am going some voyeur outdoor sex fantasies would be awesome right about now. Call me and tell me where you have thought about having sex… Or have had it!

Rachelle Banks
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college girl phone sex voyeur fantasy

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Horny Phone Sex Cock Tease

horny phone sex cock tease

With finishing up another semester of school I had to get serious about where I am going with my education. Dont worry I am so not giving up being a phone sex cock tease. That is an awesome outlet for my sexual energy. However, my Dad is giving me the speech of I cant work at a lingerie store forever. Not sure why I mean its kind of fun and I could see managing it if I wanted to work more hours etc.

So that left me with having to find a job that was more in the line of what I am going to school for. YAY! When i started my education in finance it was the best now I am like OMG if I have to deal with any more paper work I may snap. Course my opinion has slightly changed now that I have a summer temp job in an accounting firm. OMG all these guys are closet freaks!

All this time I have avoided working in an office thinking I wouldnt fit in. Well shit! The amount of office shenanigans that goes on is hilarious. Maybe its cause my work station is in the lower floor and apparently if you wanna get it on in the office you go there cause NO ONE works down there. I am literally trying to work and hearing nothing but moaning from the supply closet hahah its like I am taking taboo phone sex calls. I try so hard not to laugh.

Wonder at what point they will clue in that someone is working on the other side of that partition? Till then I am gonna be having the best time at work. Course I do come home extra horny and that means this phone sex cock tease is feeling extra teasingly.

Rachelle Banks
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coed phone sex cock tease

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Rachelle your Hot Coed Phone Sex Tease

coed phone sex tease

With finishing my last semester I wanted to celebrate with my boyfriend. Go out for dinner and I dont know just see where the night sort of rolled after that. We went to this quaint lil English inspired pub and the waitress was less than helpful. She sort of forgot us which was actually ok that meant I could tease my boyfriend under the table. Like that bit of info would shock you coming from this coed phone sex tease!

Letting my hand just wander over to the front of his shorts and helping things along so that he couldnt get up too quickly. Sure he pushed my hand away cause he is the quiet type but I know he likes it. His semi hard cock was telling me not to stop.

After dinner he was some what eager to get home but course I wasnt helping in his exit for I wasnt ending my massage of his cock. Naughty yes but really could you expect anything less from a coed phone sex tease? I think not.

Watching him try to focus on not getting aroused even though I know all the spots to touch to get a stiff reaction from him. Good try!

Love watching him sweat in public when I am doing all sorts of naughty things to him especially those things your not suppose to do in public. Bet your wondering if my hand found its way under his shorts on to some bare throbbing skin? Hmmmm do I or dont I say?

All I can say is that I fucking love teasing my boyfriend over dinner and I know that I will love teasing you over the phone. If you think you can handle this coed phone sex tease. Well can you?

Rachelle Banks
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coed phone sex tease

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SPH with Southern BBW Phone Sex Coed Holly

bbw phone sex coed

Being a southern girl there is one thing I know for sure southern men love a women with curves. Thats how my mom raised me. Never understood men who sought out petite girls with no boobs and worst of all no booty. Really where do you guys put your hands?

I am not one to insult other women not my style at all I am southern after all. However, I am definitely not above insulting and humiliating a man for the lack of equipment to satisfy a girl with curves like myself. My mom raised me to be polite but she didnt raise no fool! She told me that I needed to be aware that not all men came with the adequate equipment for the job at hand. Lord have mercy was she right!

So many of you guys are walking the lords green earth thinking your capable of pleasuring a bbw. Thinking that if you go after a plump college coed she wont know the different. Bless your heart. This voluptuous phone sex girl knows her way around a cock spent some time in the barn with hired help and all. Dont tell my Papa he thinks I am the sweetest little june bug to walk this earth. Hate to burst his bubble.

However, they are on the farm and I am away at college enjoying my time here. So lets make the most of me being a naughty bbw coed and dive into some small penis humiliation shall we?

Call for my southern accent. Stay for the humiliation that gets you all twitchy in your pants.

Just ask for Holly, the hottest bbw phone sex coed around.

bbw phone sex coed

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Humiliating Cuckold Fantasy with Rachelle

cuckold phone sex humiliation

You know me I am totally down for a nasty cuckold phone sex fantasy. Ok if you didnt know before you definitely know now. Cats out of the bag or should I say python? Come on thats a good pun!

There is a guy David who has called for some awesome cuckold humiliation, actually have to say I have run into quite a few Davids that are into cuck fantasies. Hmmmm might wanna rethink what you name your future heirs. Just a thought. Well he loves it when I assume the role of a young black guy and lure his gf away from him. I know its fantasy phone sex right? You can be anything or anyone. Completely awesome.

The last few times its been his girlfriend bringing me home from the gym with her. She couldnt resist my black muscular body with sweat dripping over every hot chocolaty muscle. I would be all over it too.

David of course is shocked and stunned as to why some hot young black stud is all over his supposidy faithful girl. Haha from what she told me she is in desperate need of a fuck and BAD!!!! This girl would take near anyone home. She is a bitch in heat and a fucker like me spotted it a mile away. After telling her how much better I am in 100 different ways to her pathetic white boyfriend. Trust me finding ways was not hard she near told me with her eyes. How she looked at me.

Get to her place and yup, knew it he is a worthless fuck. Laying on the couch in sweat pants and a stained tee. Dude cant even dress up for his bitch. Ugh! Those sweatpants arent even sporting a tent. No erection to be found. This is gonna be so easy. His girl will be cheating on his sorry ass in 60 seconds.

Sure he does the whole proud peacock thing but fuck you need a cock to rise up to me. Here let me show you a real one. 10 inches of cock waving in your face this young black stud is about to fuck you girlfriend and humiliate you in the process.

That girl is eager and ready to fuck a real man. A real black cock bending over to take all of my length and girth. OH the look on his face as his little 5 incher was twitching in his pants. He never got her to moan so loud but a real cock sure did.

Ya there is way more to the humiliating cuckold fantasy but I will save those details for between David and I. Cause I am sure he has already squirted a few times reading this. His poor pea size nuts couldnt handle any more abuse for the day.

Rachelle Banks
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cuckold phone sex fantasy

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Rachelle is a Taboo Talking College Coed

college phone sex coed

Its no surprise that being a college coed you gain some life experiences. I mean thats the whole point of going to college that you get exposed to new things from philosophies, ideas, food and well cultures. Not that I lived a rather isolated life at home but I can say that I wasnt exposed to nearly as much “culture” as I am now. Sure some of that culture is from being a college phone sex coed so you know its the kinky sexy stuff. The other bit is the world of sex in general.

Before entering college, I had a few boyfriends some that I was a complete cock tease with letting them get so far then saying NOPE! I am a good girl. Oh man the blue balls I created hahah. Without realizing it. Now I know what I am doing hahah and well set out to do it.

Then there is the vastness of discovery of men of other nationalities. In my highschool, there were some but they were so interested in getting scholarships that dating wasnt on their radar. So I never got to “experience” them in that way. Now in university those guys of yummy color are on a mission to fuck as many white girls as they can. Who am I to disagree. That whole interracial fucking thing… Yes please! This college phone sex coed is really enjoying that college course.

OH and can not forget the joy of teasing the older men those naughty professors that soak up us young girls looking to improve our grades cause well we are distracted by extra curricular activities haha. Ya lets just call it that. So guilty of using my assets for improving my grade point average.

Been some wild adventures through the university hallways. So glad I opted to stay off campus and away from home. I dont think I could of taken advantage of all the college life had to offer if I was staying at home.

Though I do love sharing my many adventures with you kinky guys. From a naughty student/bad teacher roleplay to a steamy interracial cuckold fantasy. I know its all too hot and taboo.

Give Rachelle a call today!

Rachelle Banks
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phone sex college coed

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taboo 2 girl phone sex fantasy with Rachelle

2 girl phone sex

I was asked the other day if I liked doing 2 girl phone sex calls cause I never really talk about them. I LOVE them! I just dont do them very often I am not sure why you would think guys would be all over getting 2 hot coed girls on the phone talking all dirty with them.

There are tons of girls who I would love to play with for a 2 girl fantasy be it just a couple of kinky girls going down on your dick or it be some other hot fantasy. If you love two coed then I think Kelly, Emma, Natasha or London are awesome to play with. Come to think of it there is the whole mom/daughter fantasy which can easily happen with one of the milfs like Carla, Remy, or Karen.

Come to think of it any of them are pretty awesome.

I think I may like the idea of Mom teaching me to cuckold dear old dad! What do you think?

Ya my mind just started running off with that one hahaha. I mean I love cuckold fantasies and the idea of making it a 2 girl phone sex call would just rock. Thats double the humiliation and well double the cream pies.

Who is gonna make this happen for me? It would be the best way to top off this January weekend.

2 girl phone sex cuckolding with your favorite coed. The other girl just have to ask the dispatcher who is available at the time you call.

Rachelle Banks
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coedcocktease on twitter

2 girl phone sex fantasy

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Dirty Phone Sex with Kinky Coed Rachelle

dirty phone sex

So I had said my Christmas was a bit of a bust with my boyfriend absent. I know every guy was like fuck girl go out and get sex from someone else. Ya but you know its hard to find someone to fuck on Christmas. Like everyone is off doing their own thing. Yes it completely crossed my mind. Beside if I was off getting some from a friend or whatever then I wouldnt of been able to take some dirty phone sex calls with you horny guys. So think about it.

However when NYE came around I was out of here. My friend had said that she was gonna rent a cabin on the beach which sure you would think rent if for summer but hey everyone is up the mountain no one is at the beach. Like NO ONE! We had the fucking thing to ourselves it was awesome. There was 10 of us there and partying like crazy. No calls to the cops to say we were being loud. Just pure coed fucking fun.

Oh and lots of fucking hahaha. Well really we were all drinking it was pretty obvious that fucking was going to happen at some point. Sure I am usually the quiet one that looks all sweet and innocent but considering it had been a few weeks since I had a dick I was ready to pounce. I think I was giving off the I want cum thing cause some guys were a bit nervous around me.

There was no amount of dirty phone sex that was gonna take care of my need for cock. I tried before leaving to masturbate on some nasty taboo calls but those only made me want cock even worst. I was beyond horny. How is that possible?

Swear normally I am really selective about who I fuck but that night every guy looked good and well I wanted them ALL. The question became who was gonna fuck me at midnight. Cause I was pretty sure I was about to fuck them all.

Talk about a hot cuckold call!

Do you think I fucked them all? Or was able to keep my panties on somewhat lol.

Think ya should give me a call and find out what wonderful dirty things I was up too on NYE. Sure its been a few weeks but lets face it if your a cuckold those real stories never get old.

Rachelle Banks
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dirty phone sex cuckold

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Anything Goes Phone Sex Role Playing Coed

anything goes phone sex

As per norm my Christmas was awesome other than my boyfriend decided he was gonna go back home and spend it with his family. I get it holidays are to be with family but at the same time I wanted to wake up with him for Christmas. Well actually I just wanted Christmas sex hahah! I have yet to have that ok so thats a lie I have had a Christmas quickie but ya know I wanna like fuck all night long.

This year I did some anything phone sex calls and got to masturbate my way through the holiday but you know as much fun as it is to finger fuck my pussy its not the same as getting a hard throbbing cock in there 😉 Sorry guys.

It was kind of fun to do some nasty taboo role play sex fantasies where we were fucking in the laundry room or basement while everyone was in the other room getting ready for dinner or enjoying their gifts. Think that had to be the hottest anything goes phone sex fantasy really. Only cause I have had that happen.

I was in the basement and my boyfriend at the time stopped at the back door for a quickie between gift opening and dinner. It was the hottest 15 min fuck ever. Hearing everyone’s foot steps above us. Oh man especially my heavy walker aunt swore she was gonna head to the basement door a few times. He just rammed me up against the washer. Damn still thinking about it gets me fucking hot right now.

How have I not redone this?

Well least I get to redo it through hot anything goes phone sex and the more taboo the better right?

I will have to save my new year action for later cause I really need to go masturbate while thinking of my old boyfriend and Christmas quickie haha. Give me a call and come join me.

Rachelle Banks
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anything goes phone sex role play

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Slutty Phone Sex Role Play with a Nasty Coed

slutty phone sex role play coed

Sitting here with the whole I should be studying but I am beyond distracted. The horny kind of distracted. There is nothing going to get done until I work that distraction out. Ha! I know most of you would be all a coed distracted by horniness? Shouldnt she be off fucking the football team or something?

I probably should but I am home pretending to study or least that is what I told my boyfriend I was going to do. I really should of told him to come on over and gave me a really good fucking first but I was in the mood for something different than our usual.

You know how that is?

Sure you do. I mean boyfriend is awesome and everything but I am not feeling him dressing up in my panties and me humiliate him. I am sort of in the mood where I am well less in the take charge roll. Maybe more a gang bang role play where my boyfriend makes me take on his football friends to prove how much I love him.

I dont know but some super slutty phone sex role plays is where my mind is. Havent quite wrapped my head around it but just to be used like a dirty, nasty bitch seems like the appropriate thing today. Who is with me?

Ok I am off to study and what I am really meaning is I will have a vibrator on my clit waiting to be used like the slutty phone sex college coed I am today.

Rachelle Banks
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slutty phone sex role play

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