Panty Boy Phone Sex with a Cuckold Princess

j ur panty phone sex call was so dirty. wait i was the one that made it nasty. oops hee hee. j is a complete cuck. don’t know what that is? a cuckold. he doesn’t get to fuck pussy. (cause his dicky is so small..shhhh its a cocklette) so i made him dress up in pretty pink panties and not just any pink panties the ones with the ruffles on the bum. hee hee. while i made him do… nah i aint gonna tell ya. cause i may make you put your cocklette in panties too. hee hee. cause we know that tiny dick doesn’t belong in a pussy at all. nope no way!
ohhh j guess what? i am here all nite to force you into those panties again!
coed cock tease rachelle

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