sissy boy going panty shopping


ok today at the lingerie shop i got the bet giggle. this guy came in and was looking through all the sexy panties. when i asked him if he needed help he just said he was looking for stuff for his girlfriend. but i kind of knew he wasn’t. hee hee. cause if ur looking for something romantic for ur girlfriend i don’t know many guys who shop the clearance rack? hee hee. i left him alone to shop but when i looked at him i could see him holding those panties up to his hips. hee hee. he ended up buying 4 pairs of panties. pink, blue, white and black ones. hee hee. he was blushing when i said i hope his girlfriend liked them. so the only question i had was what kind of phone sex was he into was he a panty boy wanting to wear those panties and get hard in them. Or my guess sissy boy looking to get all pretty for his sissy boy phone sex call. hee hee.
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