Couple in the Lingerie Store


omg you wont believe what happened to me at work!!!! this couple come in to buy some lingerie together. right back up i work at a lingerie store in case u didnt know. so both of them are picking out some sexy lingerie for this trip they were taking but i think it was for something else. so i escort her to a change room. i go do a few things then i turn around and he is no where to be found. i was thinking he went back to look at her model. no biggie no one else is around. i go back to see if i can help. yikes. no him or her in the main area. i go to her fitting room. start to hear a little bit of giggling. thinking he is helping her out of some lingerie. nope. i go to knock but for some reason look under the door to see one pair of feet and it wasnt hers! big yikes. i should of kicked them out but i couldnt. i was trying to figure out a way to watch. does that make me a pervert for wanting to watch or just one kinky coed? i swear between the panty boys, cross dressers and now couples my job at the lingerie shop is never boring. u wont believe what all happens during my shifts.

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