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am i ever so happy that finals are over. it was weeks and weeks of studying. when that last final was written a bunch of us went out to the bar. omg did we find a bunch of trouble there. all these guys were just staring at us. well its hard not to really there were about 6 girls come into the bar screaming “time to have some fun” all these guys thought they weree going to have an easy time with us but no. we ended up teasing their dicks all nite long. i think we had about 12 guys buying us drinks all nite long. sort of lost track after the 5th tequilla. everything was becoming a blur. i have never had tequilla before and i really wont be having it again well i wont be having it for a very very long time. i told my friend i had that many and he called them panty remover shots. i can see why. everything was a blur after that. yikes. it was a crazy nite. i woke up the next morning with my panties off and well they werent on the floor. one of the guys from the bar was beside me sleeping in my panties. i am not really sure what happened but i do know what happened the next morning with the panty boy.

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