catching my boyfriend wearing my panties


so summer is here and i am spending my spare time in the sun and not so much of it with my sexy ass in a chair blogging. u would think i would take my lappie to the beach and kill two birds with one stone as my momma would say but no that would cut into my eye candy time. all those sexy guys on the beach. yummo. have i ever said how much i love summer.

this summer my ex came back from college back east. actually really happy to see him. we didnt break up all bad it was just distance that made us break up so with him back that means we are sort of back together. he is lots of fun he is the one that i learned that men love panties. had to admit i wanted to get with him to see if his panty fetish grew into something more. not sure what but was thinkin he would be into more girlie things. 🙂 but so far no. stil the panty pervert. he will do anything and i mean ANYTHING for my dirty panties. he loves it when i force him to sleep in my panties. he wakes up the next day in a really good mood.

u should of seen the look on my ex’s face when i told him i worked at a lingerie shop he was super excited. the first nite he spent the nite, i woke up to find him searching my panty drawer. i think he was checking to see just how much stuff i bring home. lots!!! i laid there pretending to sleep and watching him rub those panties against his face and more. it was pretty funny i was trying not to giggle. it was hard.

this summer has been so fun between the hot dates, the perverts at work and the panty guys on the phones. doesnt get better than that. 🙂

going to be on all weekend i think?!? dad is trying to talk me into heading to the races on saturday so i dont know? maybe. but other than hitting the beach for some sun on my sexy ass i am gonna be on hot cock tease.

coed cock tease rachelle

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