dirty shoe sniffing fetish


i have been a dirty tease down at daddy’s work. i have been spending more time at mom and dad’s since they live closer to this lake where lots of hot guys go. yes i still manage to find time between phone sex calls and the lingerie shop. i usually stop in at daddy’s work to say hi and get some money from him. he can never say no to his special girl.  so i usually hit him on the way to the beach. hear in a pony tail, short summer dress on, and my beach flip flops. so there is this guy there tony he always and i mean always notices my feet. i keep changing the polish just for him. i havent found the colour that makes him pop yet but i think its actually purple for some reason he really sits up to purple. so i will walk in and sit on his desk and just be a naughty tease with him. he is always eying up my legs and feet. the other day i let my flip flop drop to the floor and he reached down and picked it up to put it back on my foot but not before. i was laughing. he sniffed my shoe. ya he is a dirty shoe sniffer. i can only imagine what he would do if i was wearing sneakers. not the cute ones but my smelly gym runners. *giggle* that would be funny. he kept saying how much he loved my flip flops. these things are beat to heck. they were pink and grey now they are just dirty. there are indents were my toes and heel sit, the edges are a bit frayed. and he thinks these are sexy shoes. who knew dirty, well worn flip flops could be sexy. he should see the rest of my flip flops i have.

not sure when i will tease tony again. i am back home for a bit. i would stay at mom and dad’s but its really hard to take phone sex calls there i have to hide in the closet. like that is sexy. so i am back home where i can walk around naked if i want.

well the phone is ringing better answer it quick.


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