Teasing College Coed

hiya. Well those that know me know that I go to university in BC and well we have the Olympics showing up here in like a month now I think. So most of the city is going crazy trying to get ready for everything. My university is closing down for 2 weeks while the games are on. We normally have a reading break but they expanded it for longer. Since getting around the city will be crazy and well in case we want to be involved with the games. I have to say I am not going to be attending anything I will be watching most the stuff from home on the tv. Except while we are gearing up for reading break, my teachers have been adding more homework and stuff to get us prepared so the last little bit has been books! Books! Books! Talk about boring. I barely had time for any fun on the phone. Like how does that happen? I will have fun over the reading break though. It will be 2 weeks of nothing but phone sex for this coed cock tease.

Last weekend, I picked up a couple of shifts at the lingerie shop. I got to unpack all the sexy valentines lingerie. There were a bunch of panties I wanted with cute hearts on them. I can only image what a panty boy will do with all the sexy panties and lingerie around for v-day. Oh no! Just thought even more panty boys and sissy boys are going to be coming in for all the sexy lingerie. Its going to be super busy.

Got to run. I have class today, been teasing this one prof so bad lately. Found his weakness for knee high socks and well bad me been wearing lots of skirts with knee highs in his class. 🙂

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