Sexy College Intern Fantasy

hiya! The last couple of weeks my dad wanted me to intern at his office. It was a complete surprise to i was like yippee there goes any fun for my college reading break. i get there and OMG! I am like wow! This wont be so bad. Cause I am surrounded by hot guys. Even the older guys are super hot. This never happens. So I have this girl showing me around and telling me what I am to do and stuff. Simple stuff. Pretty much got to do mail, file, coffee etc you know gopher girl. So this one nite was the best part. I am staying late cause my dad promised to pick me up and he was late. So I was messing thinking I was Trump doing the Your Fired in this big office. I know geeky. I hear this sound down the hall. So I go look and holy bleep batman. This guy has his pants down around his ankles and one of the secretaries on bosses desk totally fucking her. I was like wow thats so hot. I am standing there trying no to be caught yet still trying to get a front row seat to all he is doing. This is the time you wish you had a little vibrator and could have some fun. He was pulling her hair and grabbing her tits. All I can say is I wanted to be the one on the desk.
Guys every think of fucking the office intern? so for the last week I have been masturbating to the idea of being the girl on the desk getting fucked. I know it was just so wild to see office sex actually happens. I so want to work there now.
Anyone up to fuck this sexy college intern tonight?

Just ask for Rachelle

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