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Gearing up for finals they are coming super fast and one of my profs wanted a paper on our favorite jobs we have had. Kind of weird but ok. Feel like I am back in high school and writing one of those papers on what we did over the summer break. Not quite sure what this has to do with business but whatever. My problem is do I turn in a paper about being a phone sex tease? Cuz really this is my favorite job ever. Not that I have had a whole bunch but could you imagine him reading it My life as an anything goes phone sex teen tease. Would be a juicy paper. Have his old man dick hard in no time. Ewwww Wait a min I don’t think I wanna get that one back with all the sticky cum stains on it. ick! Wonder what would have him stroking the hardest thought the family fun fantasies or the ones where I am a cuckolding my boyfriend. I will probably write about the lingerie shop but even that one I have to be careful not to mention the panty boys cuz they are my favorite part of the job.

Ok I am off to work on this assignment. But ya know I would love the distraction!!!!!!

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