Men in Panties

hiya. So the big news around the mall is the new security guard he is pretty hot. So all the girls at work are drooling over him its pretty funny. I would be too if my panty boy radar isnt going off big time. I have to thank my ex boyfriend and all the panty bois that call me for the extra sensitive kinky radar. I know how do I know he is a panty boy. Well he will come in and instead of be looking at us he is trying to get a feel of the panties. When I was working the other day the security guard came in and was flirting with me but I know the only reason he was flirting with me was the fact I was folding all a table full of panties. What panty boy wouldn’t flirt with a girl with a bunch of new panties in her hand. I saw when he left he grabbed a catalog so either he is jerking off to the models in panties or he is picking out some new lingerie for him to buy. I am betting on him picking out some new lingerie for summer. Wonder if he will come in and buy it on my shift?

So I was starting to think like do panty boy have a favorite type of panty they like to steal? I mean some guys go crazy for brand new panties while others I have talk to love know the panties they are wearing have been worn  before whether it be clean or dirty. Then my kinky mind started going what kind of panties do you like to wear? Clean, Dirty or Brand new? So give me a call and let me know what ones your into.

Are you a boy wearing panties and looking for a girl that will have some fun with you?

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