Boys in Panties

HiYa! So where do I start! Like tons to catch you up on. I just finished up my finals. OMG so glad that is over. I really question why I go through school when it comes finals and midterm time. But then when its all over and I have near a month off its like ok when does school start back up? Cause I am missing the guys trying to look up my skirts. And the profs well I enjoy teasing them all the time. So nothing till the new year. I am really going to enjoy my time off.
I have been filling in at the lingerie shop with the Christmas rush. OMG the mall is insane. Pretty much the only thing that keeps me going is the amount of panty boys coming in pretending to buy panties and lingerie for their girlfriends.

I find myself sort of doing this fantasy thing about what kind of kink some of the guys that come in the store have. I even have some of the girls working their doing it too. We will stand back and whisper about the guys that walk by. Like how we can pick out a panty boy by how he is touching the panties. Most guys will just grab and go. A guy with a panty fetish will stand and hold it up and look at it. Rub and touch the panties. So pretty easy to pick out a panty fetish guys but cant figure out if they are going to stroke their cock with panties or be wearing them. Maybe I should ask them. That would be funny excuse me sir see you paying attention to these panties will you be wearing, sniffing or just masturbating with them? OMG can you imagine the look on their face!
Ok so when not busy at the store I have been having fun on the phone. Between some hot cuckold phone sex calls with David who wants to be my cuckold husband. Heads up David I want a black diamond engagement ring. Thinks its pretty obvious why.

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