Caught Sniffing Panties in Public

You so wont believe what happened today at the lingerie shop. I still can’t believe it really. It was super busy today and had girls coming in trying on lots of lingerie and stuff. Looking for the right sexy outfit for their boyfriends. So this guy is snooping around like he is looking for something for his girlfriend and then we look at he is snooping though the rack of stuff that people said no to in the change room. Odd but no biggie. Well he found the put away cart. The one with the panties and stuff not hung up yet. And was grabbing a handful of stuff and SNIFFING them. Total panty sniffer! Right there on a busy day. Like could you get anymore busted? Wow.

Ya we were all who is going to go talk to the panty sniffer. I mean he never even went to go find a quiet spot. He was standing at the cart sniffing. I guess hoping for some pussy juice or something. Eeek.

Ok guys have you ever been caught sniffing panties in public? I so want to know.


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