Oral Phone Tease

HiYa! I have been one busy cock tease the last few weeks juggling classes and work and teasing cocks on the phone. OMG its a wonder I have time for any dick in that line up of stuff.

Finally settling in with school work and classes. Its funny as much as I bitch about school I really excited when September rolls around and classes start up again. I think it has more to do with teasing the teachers and less to do with classes really but if my dad heard that he would be rather upset since he thinks his little girl has no time for such non sense.

Lets just say dad doesnt know me very well.

The professors on the other hand know me really well. Like the first day of class there was one teacher who had a smile on his face when he saw me in his class. Pretty sure one of my other profs told him how I love to wear short skirts to class and shirts that show off my big breasts.

Wonder if he heard about what I do to get a decent grade on oral presentations?

Course you can find out just how much of oral phone tease I am during a phone sex fantasy call. Maybe we can do a teacher/student fantasy! Where I work on my oral skills to a better grade.

Coed Cock Tease Rachelle

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