humiliating small dick losers

HiYa! So got called into work at the lingerie shop which I am not happy about at all. I know most would be happy about picking up a few hours but I just have so much going on with school and phone sex that its like the 12 hours I pick up at the lingerie shop really is all I can handle. Like how much can a girl juggle?

I know your going why not say no. Well one of the girls is sick and like we are talking flu sick. She called and you could barely understand her. So course I couldnt not take the shift. But I may of hand an other reason too.

See I would of had to work a few hours with this girl that is going through this dating crisis. So I had to go to work to find out what was going on.

She may or may not done a drunk fuck. Which we have all done at one point. This guy totally got her drunk to the point where she was super horny and didnt care what she got in her pussy. So she fucked him.

Then the next time they were together it happened again another drunk fuck. So it happened a few times. Yadda yadda! She comes to find out that this guy she is drunk fucking is the ultimate is small cock losers.

Ya here she was thinking she was so drunk and not remembering the fuck but really she was just not remembering cause the dick didnt make her remember. So she was super pissed off. She wanted to get revenge. Which I am not really a girl who does the revenge thing but when I see a girl do it I am like holy shit that is hot.

So I had to go work with her to find out what she was doing to him. Since he seemed to think that fucking her 3 time made them boyfriend/girlfriend. I dont know how can you be all coupled up with a guy with no dick?

humiliation phone sex

Like is that even possible?

I dont think so.

I guess that is why they invented cuckolding. Oh hey maybe I should tell her all about cuckolding and how she can get back at him by humiliating that small dick loser in front of a thick, fat, long cock. Shit if she can find a black man to fuck. OMG! Can you image how much his small dick will turtle. Shit now that would be good.

Well hopefully these shifts are finished up on Thursday and I can get back to the good stuff. PHONESEX!

Way more fun than folding panties. Well its only fun if their is a panty boy or sissy boy drooling over them. lol

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