Teasing Older Men with Panties

hiya! I had this hot dream last week that made me wake up super wet. I dreamt I was in class ( I know naughty student that I am) but the after everyone left I was left in class with my ever so hot older teacher. He was to be helping me with some assignment or whatever. So there we are and as we are talking I reach into my back back and a pair of my dirty panties from the weekend fall to the floor. I play the not notice they are there routine. But my teacher notices and notices hard. He cant sit still he is adjusting himself like crazy. I can tell he just wants to reach down there and pick up those panties. Now its either to sniff them or to stroke with them. I sort of kick them around with my sneaker a bit nothing like a girl teasing a older man with her panties. I am even bending over showing him my panties being a complete cock tease. I gently kick those panties over to under his chair and he snatches them up quick. I see those pretty soft pink panties bunched up in his hand and his takes it to his nose for a quick sniff. I am trying not to laugh. He can’t hid his hard on now.

teasing phone sex

So I could go on with the panty teasing fantasy but I think I really want to know what you and i would do. Wanna come be my dirty old teacher and I can be your cock teasing student. See what fun we can have with a pair of my dirty panties and your hard cock.

Ask for Rachelle Banks

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