Caught Sniffing my Panties

I swear my daddy is a panty sniffer. His favorite thing to do lately is to head into the the bathroom after I have showered in the morning and grab my panties from the bathroom floor.  You know the ones I have worn all night long and the day before. He has his favorites that he is drawn to. My cotton bikini ones are his favorite. For some reason those ones go really fast.

panty sniffer phone sex
Daddy won’t steal them if I have been fucked in them thought he only likes to have my pussy smell all pure in there. Not quite sure what it is that he is attracted to but. After my shower he is in there for hours and hours. Usually days later my panties find their way into my laundry hamper. I hate it when its my favorite pair and I have to wait till he has inhaled the whole pussy smell out of the cotton crotch. Only then can I get them back I guess. Who understands when you have a panty sniffing daddy.

Its really bad when I have friends over for a sleep over. Panty raid has a whole new meaning. Especially when its your dad doing the panty raiding. Tell you about that one later. For now I have to pick out my clothes for tomorrows classes and see which pair of panties to let daddy sniff.

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