Eat your cum! Eww.

HiYa! I should completely know better than to use the computer at my parents house especially the one in my dad’s office. I know dad is a bit of a pervert! Honestly I have snooped through his desk. Ok so snooped is a bit of a strong word. I have looked through his desk for things like staplers and pens for school stuff. Even when I was in high school I found his stash of wanking material. He had panties stuffed in the back of his desk. Not sure whose they were but they were not mom’s that is for sure.

But I had to use his computer to print up a few things and so went in there well omg! I shouldnt of touch it since the minute I started touching the keyboard my fingers were sticking to the keys. I kid you not! The sun was coming through the window and there was this sticking film all over his desk, mouse, keyboard. Just eww.

cum eating phone sex

I was trying not to freak myself out but I am pretty sure I knew what it was daddy cum! YUCK!

I was using a pen to type so that my fingers wouldnt get dick goo on them. Course I knew it was too late but still. Ick.

Think daddy needs to learn to clean up his cum better. Hmm maybe he should eat his cum.

Now there is an idea having daddy lick his desk clean!

Ya I think I can get behind that be funny watching him squirt a load then watch him gobble up that cum.

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