Found Dirty Panties

hiya. Just got back from a weekend at my parents house before school stared up again and OMFG! Usually when I unpack I have less panties than I packed. Some how they magically disappear from my suitcase. Pretty sure I know who takes them and it doesnt take 3 guesses either. You all know who too.

Honestly its not like I want them back and well daddy does give me some really nice gift cards to replace them with. There is some point when I am at home I find a gift card to Victoria Secret in my room. I know who its from and why its there. For all the dang panties he has stolen from me.

Well this time he has out done himself. It wasnt enough that he stole my panties.


I open up my suit case and still find all my panties in there which I was so happy about. Wrong. I go and pick up the first pair and there is a hole cut smack dab where his cock would go. Umm eww. I just tossed those panties on the floor.

First off its nasty knowing why that hole is cut in those panties.

Second off I have no idea if he wore them then put them back in my suitcase dirty. Like who wants dirty panties in their suitcase. Umm not this girl.

Ya I ran and got the tongs from the kitchen put those dirty holey panties in the garbage like they were contaminated. Ok Ya it was a site but really its not enough your wearing them but ugh to put them back in my suit case after your sweaty cock has touched my panties. Just nasty.

So I guess the hole means he is wearing my panties and not just stroking with my panties. Ok there is a mental image I just didnt need.

I still have to go through the rest of my suitcase. Ok wonder what would happen if I took those holey panties down to the laundry room if the panty thief would take them. hahha now that is nasty can you imagine him putting them on thinking I wore them and they had my dad’s sweaty ass in them last. oh ewwww.

Ask for Rachelle Banks

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