Missing Panties

So I just got home from my parents. Did the whole Merry ho ho thing there. My mom always wants us kids home for the holidays, so had to stay home which kind of sucked cause I had other plans but you have to do what mom says. So I head there with a few days of clothes. Since the weather has been kind of crazy and like mom always say better to be prepared. So I sort of packed for a few extra days just in case of snow and getting stranded there. Thankfully, I didnt have to worry about that can you imagine. Ekkk I wouldnt want to be stuck there I mean it was bad enough being super horny and worrying about my dad and brother and who knows who else could over hear me masturbating. I know all the kinky dads reading this panty stealing phone sex blog are like thats a bad thing? I guess not for you!

panty stealing phone sex

Well ok I get home I am unpacking and I know I had 6 pairs of panties and guess what there are like 2 pairs in there. Yup call my mom to see if she washed them and never put them back in my room. NOPE! They are missing. She checked my room and everything. NADA! Someone stole my panties. So its either my dad. Like that would surprise me since when ever I had sleep overs and would do the panties in the freezer he was right there snooping in the freezer for something. Sure dad! More like sniffing in the freezer. Nothing like some flash frozen teen pussy scents. So I am like ya dad is sniffing my panties right now. But then my brother was like looking at me weird all weekend too. I was wearing this super short skirt that had my mom freaking but my brother was like super cute skirt sis. So I dont know. All I know is as I am sitting here right now typing this blog someone is sniffing my panties. Wonder if I will get my panties back? Doubtful. Do panty sniffer give back panties or what? Blah they were cute panties now what am I going to do with the matching bras!

Looks like I gave my brother and daddy and extra Christmas present this year. Man I am going to have to remember this next year and just stuff their stockings with panties. That would be hilarious the look on their faces!

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