Rachelle asks Who is stealing my Panties?

One of the best and worst things I have found with living in an apartment is the shared laundry We have the worst laundry room ever. Ok well I dont know what other apartment building laundry rooms are like since I pretty much saw this place and fell in love and well stopped looking. I didnt know that the laundry was down in the basement, well from what everyone else says that is pretty common. What I dont think is common is to have some creepy ass dude steal your panties. Ok I am just guessing he is creepy but who else would creep in the laundry room waiting for some hot girl to go down and do her laundry just so he can steal her panties?

panty boy phone sex

Want to know my mom’s solution to stop this guy from stealing my panties? To take a book and go read while my laundry is going. Ummm right mom get right on that. I got things to do like I want to wait the 40 minutes for the washer to run then another what 1hr for the dryer. Like there is some dirty phone sex to be done. All the sissy boys and panty boys to giggle and laugh at while that washer load is spinning around making my panties all fresh and clean.

What I need is some guy who wants to spoil me with some new panties. That is what I need cause pretty soon I will be going commando and well as much fun as that is… Just think about it panty boys do you want to do a phone sex call with a girl who isnt wearing sexy panties? I think not! So either we put up a missing panty sign and capture the creep or you start handing over those gift cards for Victoria Secret so that I can sit here in some pretty panties for our calls.

I am going with gift cards myself. Save me from having to follow my mother’s advice!

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coedvxnrachelle@yahoo.ca is my email for those gift cards 🙂

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