Let Rachelle Dress you In Used Sissy Clothing

Rather ticked off was suppose to go to the lake today for a picnic but instead I am sitting here looking at the rain falling on my deck. I am not going to complain that just means I get to spend the day doing taking some phone sex calls. Also spend the day sorting out my closet. I am clearing out most the stuff in there and taking some of it to the consignment store. Every so often think its great to just clear out your closet so I can make room for new stuff. I can be a bit of a clothing whore. Think all girls and well sissies too.

sissy phone sex

When I was scoping out this new consignment store I swear a sissy had dropped off a stash of his play things there. For there were some straight up whore stuff. Tons of dresses for going out to the club or well sucking dick in. Then boots like omg I had no idea they would take boots that look like a stripper wore them. Hmmm maybe this is where the strippers and hookers drop off their stuff? Perhaps sissies need to get their and get their pretties on!

Like I said it was a new store that I was just checking out and I am use to carting off bags of clothes to my old store near my parent place but this place was so much fun. I know that I do taboo fantasies and nothing really surprises me on the phone but OMG walking into a place like that and seeing dirty things like that in my face. Ya you would be going holy shit someone ACTUALLY wore this! Not just talked about it or looked at it on a website but actually bought it and worked it. Did get me wondering how many loads of cum some of those dresses saw.

Ok so that is a completely random thought but like you wouldnt wonder yourself.

So I am around for some sissy phone sex and cross dressing fantasies. Give me a call who knows maybe we can talk about some of the cock raising outfits I saw at that consignment store.

Ask for Rachelle Banks!

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