Coeds Domme Guy In Panties

HiYa! I had the best long weekend. I know your going what the long weekend isnt till next weekend. In Canada, it was the last weekend for us. Gee how many times can I say weekend in the matter of two sentences. Well any ways my best friend came into town for a few days which means we hung out. So I wasn’t around much for phone sex calls, I would work here and there but pretty much only when she was off visiting family. The rest of the time it was her and me causing trouble. We probably havent seen each other in a good year. She knows I do phone sex and stuff and got to admit I am always trying to get her into doing calls too but she says she is too shy. I think she is really an inner taboo freak.

2 girl phone sex

I mean she is always asking about the taboo calls I do.

At first I thought it was all curiosity. I mean its not every day your friend say oh hey I do phone sex to make some extra cash. Then she started asking more in depth questions beyond the what do you talk about. I know your going what? Its more like she would go so what type of humiliation calls do you run into? Or how do you handle a call with a panty boy and sissy boy differently? Its like ok someone is doing some fetish home work.

She pretends to be this straight lace girl but underneath all the flower dresses, I wouldnt be surprised if she is wearing some leather corset. I completely seeing her being a domme girl. Ha! That would be so much fun her and I domme-ing a guy in panties.

Well till she breaks free of her super good girl image I will just have to continue doing 2 girl phone sex calls with those around here. Not that I am complaining, these girls are wild and crazy. Making them perfect to pair up with for domme-ing you guys in those pretty panties you love to wear. I know 2 girls laughing and giggling at you in those pink panties always make you want to rub and till you make yourself squirt.

One coed is great but when you add that extra coed well it just takes that humiliation just over the top!

Just tell the dispatcher your looking for a 2 girl phone sex call and she will ensure to pair you up with myself and a hot coed.

Rachelle Banks

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