Humiliating Cuckold Fantasy with Rachelle

cuckold phone sex humiliation

You know me I am totally down for a nasty cuckold phone sex fantasy. Ok if you didnt know before you definitely know now. Cats out of the bag or should I say python? Come on thats a good pun!

There is a guy David who has called for some awesome cuckold humiliation, actually have to say I have run into quite a few Davids that are into cuck fantasies. Hmmmm might wanna rethink what you name your future heirs. Just a thought. Well he loves it when I assume the role of a young black guy and lure his gf away from him. I know its fantasy phone sex right? You can be anything or anyone. Completely awesome.

The last few times its been his girlfriend bringing me home from the gym with her. She couldnt resist my black muscular body with sweat dripping over every hot chocolaty muscle. I would be all over it too.

David of course is shocked and stunned as to why some hot young black stud is all over his supposidy faithful girl. Haha from what she told me she is in desperate need of a fuck and BAD!!!! This girl would take near anyone home. She is a bitch in heat and a fucker like me spotted it a mile away. After telling her how much better I am in 100 different ways to her pathetic white boyfriend. Trust me finding ways was not hard she near told me with her eyes. How she looked at me.

Get to her place and yup, knew it he is a worthless fuck. Laying on the couch in sweat pants and a stained tee. Dude cant even dress up for his bitch. Ugh! Those sweatpants arent even sporting a tent. No erection to be found. This is gonna be so easy. His girl will be cheating on his sorry ass in 60 seconds.

Sure he does the whole proud peacock thing but fuck you need a cock to rise up to me. Here let me show you a real one. 10 inches of cock waving in your face this young black stud is about to fuck you girlfriend and humiliate you in the process.

That girl is eager and ready to fuck a real man. A real black cock bending over to take all of my length and girth. OH the look on his face as his little 5 incher was twitching in his pants. He never got her to moan so loud but a real cock sure did.

Ya there is way more to the humiliating cuckold fantasy but I will save those details for between David and I. Cause I am sure he has already squirted a few times reading this. His poor pea size nuts couldnt handle any more abuse for the day.

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cuckold phone sex fantasy

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