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Ok there is usually the question what fetishes do you do. So going to toss out a few that come to mind. Honestly, if you have a fetish and wanna do a phone sex call with me just message me (aim:coedvxnrachelle) and ask. Chances are I do it or wanting to do it!

Sissy Boys

Panty Boys

Cross Dressers

Cuckolding there is tons of ideas there from you being my fluffer boy to teasing you with my cum filled panties after I have been out all night fucking some big dick nigger cock.

Clothed Female/Naked Male

Humiliation Phone Sex Fantasies Usually I am more into light humiliation. Not really a screaming and yelling type girl so tend to stay away from those types of humiliations.

Cock Teasing

Age Play Fantasies I am open to anything on this one. I have a young voice so kind of use your imagination on that one.

Family Fun Phone Sex. Being daddy’s bad girl or even telling stories about times with brother and mother.

Sex Toys this can be me using sex toys in a masturbation phone sex call or even talking about forcing you to use them. Course using a big strap on is super hot.

Ok there are a gazillion more I can put but going to stop there.

1-888-904-9766 just ask for Rachelle

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