Dirty Phone Sex with Kinky Coed Rachelle

dirty phone sex

So I had said my Christmas was a bit of a bust with my boyfriend absent. I know every guy was like fuck girl go out and get sex from someone else. Ya but you know its hard to find someone to fuck on Christmas. Like everyone is off doing their own thing. Yes it completely crossed my mind. Beside if I was off getting some from a friend or whatever then I wouldnt of been able to take some dirty phone sex calls with you horny guys. So think about it.

However when NYE came around I was out of here. My friend had said that she was gonna rent a cabin on the beach which sure you would think rent if for summer but hey everyone is up the mountain no one is at the beach. Like NO ONE! We had the fucking thing to ourselves it was awesome. There was 10 of us there and partying like crazy. No calls to the cops to say we were being loud. Just pure coed fucking fun.

Oh and lots of fucking hahaha. Well really we were all drinking it was pretty obvious that fucking was going to happen at some point. Sure I am usually the quiet one that looks all sweet and innocent but considering it had been a few weeks since I had a dick I was ready to pounce. I think I was giving off the I want cum thing cause some guys were a bit nervous around me.

There was no amount of dirty phone sex that was gonna take care of my need for cock. I tried before leaving to masturbate on some nasty taboo calls but those only made me want cock even worst. I was beyond horny. How is that possible?

Swear normally I am really selective about who I fuck but that night every guy looked good and well I wanted them ALL. The question became who was gonna fuck me at midnight. Cause I was pretty sure I was about to fuck them all.

Talk about a hot cuckold call!

Do you think I fucked them all? Or was able to keep my panties on somewhat lol.

Think ya should give me a call and find out what wonderful dirty things I was up too on NYE. Sure its been a few weeks but lets face it if your a cuckold those real stories never get old.

Rachelle Banks
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dirty phone sex cuckold

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Anything Goes Phone Sex Role Playing Coed

anything goes phone sex

As per norm my Christmas was awesome other than my boyfriend decided he was gonna go back home and spend it with his family. I get it holidays are to be with family but at the same time I wanted to wake up with him for Christmas. Well actually I just wanted Christmas sex hahah! I have yet to have that ok so thats a lie I have had a Christmas quickie but ya know I wanna like fuck all night long.

This year I did some anything phone sex calls and got to masturbate my way through the holiday but you know as much fun as it is to finger fuck my pussy its not the same as getting a hard throbbing cock in there 😉 Sorry guys.

It was kind of fun to do some nasty taboo role play sex fantasies where we were fucking in the laundry room or basement while everyone was in the other room getting ready for dinner or enjoying their gifts. Think that had to be the hottest anything goes phone sex fantasy really. Only cause I have had that happen.

I was in the basement and my boyfriend at the time stopped at the back door for a quickie between gift opening and dinner. It was the hottest 15 min fuck ever. Hearing everyone’s foot steps above us. Oh man especially my heavy walker aunt swore she was gonna head to the basement door a few times. He just rammed me up against the washer. Damn still thinking about it gets me fucking hot right now.

How have I not redone this?

Well least I get to redo it through hot anything goes phone sex and the more taboo the better right?

I will have to save my new year action for later cause I really need to go masturbate while thinking of my old boyfriend and Christmas quickie haha. Give me a call and come join me.

Rachelle Banks
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anything goes phone sex role play

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Slutty Phone Sex Role Play with a Nasty Coed

slutty phone sex role play coed

Sitting here with the whole I should be studying but I am beyond distracted. The horny kind of distracted. There is nothing going to get done until I work that distraction out. Ha! I know most of you would be all a coed distracted by horniness? Shouldnt she be off fucking the football team or something?

I probably should but I am home pretending to study or least that is what I told my boyfriend I was going to do. I really should of told him to come on over and gave me a really good fucking first but I was in the mood for something different than our usual.

You know how that is?

Sure you do. I mean boyfriend is awesome and everything but I am not feeling him dressing up in my panties and me humiliate him. I am sort of in the mood where I am well less in the take charge roll. Maybe more a gang bang role play where my boyfriend makes me take on his football friends to prove how much I love him.

I dont know but some super slutty phone sex role plays is where my mind is. Havent quite wrapped my head around it but just to be used like a dirty, nasty bitch seems like the appropriate thing today. Who is with me?

Ok I am off to study and what I am really meaning is I will have a vibrator on my clit waiting to be used like the slutty phone sex college coed I am today.

Rachelle Banks
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slutty phone sex role play

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Dirty Phone Sex Roleplays with a Kinky Coed

dirty phone sex roleplays

So the last few years I have lessen my college course load so I could vamp up my dirty talk time.  Ya I know if my dad heard me say that he would be royally pissed but I told him that the load was getting too heavy and the courses too intense so I needed to focus my attention better. Touch of a lie.

Anyways where am I going with this?

Well with my smaller school load one of my old professors asked if I would TA his first year classes. Since he always enjoyed me as a student. I had to wonder if he meant my sunny disposition or my hot ass?

Either way I agreed to do it for him. Thinking it will be a fun year getting to tease him cause well I have always had a thing for him. What you think I honestly took this cause I am a sweet coed? Hell no I took this TA position cause I wanted some 1 on 1 time with this hot professor. I plan to be fucking him by the end of the semester.

Course till I fuck my professor that means the dirty phone sex roleplays are gonna be revolve around some naughty teacher/student or coed seducing the professor. Think how hot that would be plus you do me a major favor when you call for such naughty role play I go to class armed with even more ways to seduce my actual professor.

Cant wait to dive into a dirty phone sex role play with ya. Give me a call and lets have some fun.

Rachelle Banks
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dirty phone sex role play

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Student/Teacher Phone Sex Role Play with Coed Rachelle

student/teacher phone sex role play

HiYa! So happy that finals are over they seem to drag on and on but with the super amazing weather like I was really focused on studying. All I wanted to do was wear my bikini and hit the beach. Sure some times I wasnt wearing class appropriate clothing but I didnt hear the prof complaining.

Was kind of hoping he would of pulled in me into his office for a lashing to say how I was dressed inappropriately for his calls but course nope. No such thing. So since that never happened at school I have the next best thing a naughty student/teacher phone sex role play. I know you guys are all up for that.

Bringing me into your office while I am wearing my super short denim skirt and hot pink bikini top under my white fishnet top. Cute little sneakers with no socks. Long dark hair in a pony tail on the top of my head.

Bet you have been thinking hot hot it would be to watch that ponytail bounce up and down in your lap all through class?

Me sitting on the edge of your desk as you go on and on and on about how this is clothing I should wear to the beach not some 4th level university course. Should be dressing in work attire. *Yawn!*

All I have to do to fully distract you is uncross my legs and let them slide open while I lean back on my hand. Yup that gets you thinking about some nasty taboo inappropriate student teacher relations.

So being one massive coed cock tease I am just gonna leave it there and let you call me for a student/teacher phone sex role play and see where we can take this fantasy. I am thinking we can heat that office up pretty good.

Rachelle Banks
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student/teacher phone sex role play

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panty sniffer phone sex fantasy with Rachelle

panty sniffer phone sex

hiya! There is nothing like showing up to a guys house on the wrong day and well knocking on the door when he is in the middle of stroking his cock. Ok so that is what I think was happening before I showed up at Justin’s door. I kind of got the dates mixed up with when the study group was and there I was standing in my favorite blue dress at his door and he was well in his shorts. His cheeks were all flushed and he was kind of sweaty so I really think he was jerking his cock

The funny part was he invites me in right and as I am walking into the front room you hear the porn playing on his laptop. Yup. Busted! There is no talking your way out of this one. Been a phone sex cock tease long enough to know the sounds of porn. Only thing I didnt know was what kind of porn? Fetish? Kinky? Ooo Something interracial? He went to open his mouth to explain but like you just can’t explain that.

I just pushed myself in. Had to see what gets Justin all excited. I was completely shocked. Not only did he have some bizarre sleeping girl porn but had a line up of girl’s panties. Justin is a total panty sniffer. So I did what any cock tease phone sex girl would do … Started to lift up my skirt and reach for my panties. Any panty sniffer can appreciate a pair of panties with a fresh pussy scent.

Was just waving them in the air just teasing him with those well worn panties. Justin was salivating for them. He was just begging for a sniff of my pretty panties. Wasnt sure if I should give them to him or not to be honest. I mean often times when it comes to panty sniffer phone sex fantasies I just hand them over but having a true sniffer in front of me I really didnt want too. I was enjoying the teasing far too much.

I could tell you what all happened but nah not really in the mood to spill the beans on whether or not Justin got my pretty cotton panties to sniff. Much rather tease you in your own panty sniffing phone sex role play.

Rachelle Banks
coedvxnrachelle aim:yim
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panty sniffer phone sex

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Naughty Teasing Phone Sex Coed

This naughty phone sex coed talking to one of my dad’s friend yesterday actually it wasnt one of those oh hey lets sit down and have coffee and chat about our lives bs deals. It was more a we ran into each other at the mall while I was on my lunch break from the lingerie store and well. *eyeroll* he just thought he would join me. Sure fine thanks. Like him well enough but its my lunch break I wanted to just text with my girls and laugh at fb/twitter posts, you know?

hot phone sex coed

The conversation went all over the place from weather to school to job to living on my own. He was giving me the creepy old man eye looking me up and down. I mean I was dressed super cute in my pink Guess Anya Dress, its a sleeveless faux wrap dress style that falls just mid thigh. I mean I do have to keep it presentable with work and all. Its not like when I am doing phone sex and can wear what ever the heck I want!

So he is eying me up huge. I was literally getting the hebbie jebbies. He always had this tendency to creep me out really. Like he was mentally taking pictures to masturbate to me later when I lived at home. Which now that I know you guys actually do that. Its even odder being around him cause I know he is actually doing that.

Chatting up and he kept going on about living alone and must have guys parading in and out. So here is a weird thing, I am single but I am not a full on whore. Sure when it comes to phone sex fantasies I am bring it on I will do anything and everything.

Tramp me the fuck up!

I actually like having a boyfriend and getting to know someone. Ya I do have a fuck buddy who I mess around with cause really I get fucking horny. OH and a few one night stands in there. Hmm this isnt really painting that picture of a good girl is it?

Ok so where am I going before I end up talking myself in circles of nothingness, he wanted me to basically say how my bed is some revolving door with tons of miles bounced on it with different dicks in and out of my pussy.

Now he doesnt know that I am a coed making her way through school doing phone sex. So I may or may not of elaborated just a touch on a few details. Ok so I did. Like telling him how I had to work really hard for some extra credit with a hand job with one of my professors.

I mean I did do that in a phone sex fantasy the night before. *smile*

He was eating it up. OMG. I just hope he doesnt tell my dad while they are having a few drinks. Cause I dont want to have the I am not a slut conversation with my dad.

Ok so the sun is shining I am off to have some fun. Talk with you guys later.

Rachelle Banks
coedvxnrachelle aim:yim
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College Coed Phone Sex Tease

college coed phone sex tease

Been so busy celebrating finishing the last semester. It was just horrible! As you get farther in your studies everything gets harder and harder. Which I knew to expect but in grand “Rachelle” fashion I some how managed to take a number difficult classes this semester. All along I have managed to balance things out so that there wasnt too much of a brain overload. Not this time around.

Swear it was tons of homework, reading and projects etc etc etc. Nearly interfered wit being a phone sex tease. NEARLY! Still managed to find time to hit the phones while studying. Really if it wasnt for the awesome release phone sex brought I would of lost my mind.

Some of the amazing phone sex tease fantasies were so hot, that had me wet well into classes. They werent the only thing that had me surviving the hell semester. There was dick. This hot college coed found a fucking amazing guy with an even better cock! Ok mind wandering now. Ya just cause I am suppose to have my head in the books doesnt mean my head is actually in the books. Got to have some outlet.

Course probably should put him before the phone sex fantasies. Ha! Sounds way better. He isnt as freaky as you guys so dont worry this phone sex tease will still be around taking calls. Plus I have to pay for school and well expense in general.

I will probably chat about him later cause I know you cucks are super curious about him but I am just gonna tease you about him now.

Chat soon! You will find that I am on more during the day now that classes are over.

Rachelle Banks
coedvxnrachelle aim:yim
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Extreme Phone Sex Family Fun

extreme phone sex family fun

Had this great extreme phone sex family fun this week and homework kept me from writing it. Swear my professors need to cut back on the amount of stuff they hand out so I can keep up with my blogging. Anyone want to write a note for me?

Dear Instructor: Please excuse Rachelle from homework this month as she has to keep up her phone sex blog. Signed any way you want Cuck, Daddy, Sissy etc.

So back to the extreme phone sex family fun fantasy.

I am up in my room doing homework *shocker* sitting there in my yoga shorts and tank with my brunette hair tossed up in a messy pony. Always have to change when I come home from school. As I am laying on my bed bouncing to the music and attempting to study I hear my dad yell from downstairs.

You pretty much have to answer those calls.

When I get down to his office. He points to the monitor and asks what the hell is going on. Its my best friend doing some teasing burlesque type photos on some site. Which totally shocks the hell out of me. I have no clue she did that. I never took the pictures. I am shocked and rather pissed she did it and well never told me.

Course Daddy hits me with are you sure you dont know about this? Maybe your doing it?

OH heck no! I wont even let my boyfriend fuck me.

He keeps on scrolling and the images go from bad to worst. All the sudden the pics go to her being naked and posing to her stroking a cock. Still in shock. She never told me she was doing those things. We made a pack to share the details when we did anything sexual. Thought we were both virgins.

Dad standing behind me so I could get a good view of the monitor. Asking do I know who the guy is?

No! I dont understand why she would keep this secret from me??

He just said that some secrets just have to be kept as he was grinding his hips against my ass.

That is when he scrolled the mouse another lined down and I saw who was fucking her…..

Yup going to live up to being a cock tease right now and leave you hanging on this extreme phone sex family fun. Who did fuck my friend? Could I my virgin pussy be next

Rachelle Banks
coedvxnrachelle aim:yim
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Big Tit Phone Sex Coed

Big Tit Phone Sex Coed Rachelle Here. Man its been super cold here the last few days. Thats a complaint and not! Its great cause I am getting even more attention to my tits since I am walking around with nipples so hard I could poke an eye out. An expression my mom used all the time, which when you read it that sounds really weird coming out of her mouth. Eh! Have to know her.
big tit phone sex coed

So I totally take this hard nipple thing to my advantage when it comes to showing up for my classes. There are a few teachers that are complete boob men. They are eying you up and down the moment you take your jacket off and flash a tight top. Their eyes would fall out of their heads.
I know what do I do?
Well I usually go outside for 5 minutes and stand there with no coat on. Yup nipples get rock hard. Even give them a good old rub. Not sure why but when you rub your nipples when they are cold. OMG even more pain.
Bet you want to run outside right now and do it. Dont you?
Off I go to class take off my jacket towards my teacher and watch the expression on his face as he goes red. Full on crimson flush takes over his cheeks. I honestly wonder what he is thinking?
Suppose that is where you guys can come in. If you have a fantasy that needs a big tit phone sex coed well you found her. Here is your chance to share that fantasy all you have to do is pick up that phone.

Rachelle Banks
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