panty teasing coed

i was a super naughty coed the other day. i was riding on the bus from classes. lots of dirty old men were on the bus hee hee there usually is. all the perverts go on the buses. so i was standing in the back of the bus cause it was super full. while this dirty guy was sitting there staring at me. and me being the dirty coed that i am decided to flash my panties. hee hee not just some itty bitty glimps of my panties but a full flash of the back of my panties. hee hee you should of saw the guys face. he was adjusting the front of his pants. i know why. he hee. he was getting hard. so flashed the front of my panties. it was so much fun to tease a dirty old man on the bus. almost as much fun as teasing on the phone. yup i love teasing with my panties on the phone too. panty phone sex teaser that’s me. hee hee. have you been teased tonight? well have ya?
coed cock tease rachelle

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